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Kissing a Fool

Credits to georgemichaelvevo   When words just can’t quite say it… #throwback2015 #bettycooper   “Kissing A Fool” You are far When I could have been your star You listened to people Who scared you...

Don’t pin your hopes and dreams on the girl you like (Part 2) 0

Don’t pin your hopes and dreams on the girl you like (Part 2)

I’m a solid optimist.   I believe that everyone has someone waiting for them.   However, it’s a harsh reality to accept that you may never find that someone in this lifetime, and you just have to...


Before you think about leaving the Catholic Church, think about something

…But before you think about leaving, since they’re all the same anyway, and the whole institution is hopelessly out of touch with the world, please think of this.

Just Wages and the Kingdom of God 6

Just Wages and the Kingdom of God

There is a parable in the Bible that describes Heaven as “landowner who went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard”.    In the morning he found laborers in need of...

A Review of the Movie Valentine’s Day 0

A Review of the Movie Valentine’s Day

 I will be honest.   I’ve seen movies try to narrate the stories of different, un-related characters, only to fail.   And Valentine’s Day looked like it was destined to fail.   It had too many characters,...


A Silent Call to the EDSA Generation

History books and heroes carried an EDSA that was about setting things right in the Philippines, and maybe some of them had the right idea, but mostly, the context of that demonstration was misunderstood....


A Celebration of Love

Have you ever looked in the eyes of a mother, after giving birth to her child? If you stood close to her when she was in labor—the one without anesthetics, the natural labor—you would...

Awakenings 1


I can’t explain it. It was a revelation based on logic, and I had that idea even before. So why did I suddenly feel so much emotional upheaval, as if I was being shaken...

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