EDSA Series

In the decade of the 2000s, I wrote several articles about EDSA and Philippine politics.  These articles intertwine with my articles on the current issues of that time.   Here are the articles I wrote:

1. Anti-Thesis: Why Revolution will not succeed in the PhilippinesMy very first post after reading Tocqueville’s book about the French Revolution.   I was inspired that the conditions of a revolution (including implicit consent of the ruler) were not being met by the Philippines under that current regime.

2. Why the Philippines is not a DemocracyThe next post I had about the Philippines likened it to Czarist Russia, at the its decline in the 19th century.   Anarchists abounded, people talked of revolution, and literature flourished.

3. How we are saved by EDSA.  A special EDSA article I wrote that I hoped to inspire people about.

4. EDSA, An Analysis: Part 1 My analysis of EDSA seesawed between optimism and cynicism.  This was a more cynical version, explaining a darker back-story to EDSA. (I promised a Part 2, but I never really got around to it.)

5. A Silent Call to the EDSA GenerationThis was an article I wrote after losing the militant momentum I had and wrote about revolutionary “temperance”

6. A Comprehensive Proposal of an EDSA ReformI read something about micromanaging politics and promoted it.

7. EDSA, Arroyo, and the Future of Philippine Politics.  My latest theory in Revolution and how it applied to EDSA.

8. The Story of the Edsa Movement.  I think my last article on EDSA, since I summarized the life story from its Martial Law days to its apparent end in 2016.