Topic: World Politics

These are the articles I wrote pertaining to world issues as they happened.   Most of them ended at 2008, though two were dated later.

1. South China Sea and the Chinese World Order.  It’s hard to imagine why China would want to claim the entire South China Sea when it is international waters.   From the Chinese perspective, however, this is one step to political ascendancy.

2.  The Empire of Heaven: the Eventual Chinese Primacy.   This article initially describes the drama in the South China Sea but becomes a discourse–and an informal letter–of why China is still largely dreaded by the West and Westernized Asia.

3. The Shape of the New World Order: ISIS, Russia and China.   This echoes my previous 2008 post (see number 3) where we examine what has changed, what stayed the same, and what has gotten worse.  (I fixed the link.  Sorry for the error)

4. The Shape of Things to Come: Russia, China, al-Qaeda, the PhilippinesI wrote this at the height of the Chinese Olympics, that spectacle that was the envy of every Roman Emperor.   It was 2008, and several things were happening at the same time, including a small war.

5. Iran After the Elections.  I think this happened in 2009.  I wrote this at haste during the noise following the re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as Iranian President.

7.  Impunity.   Two things were in my mind: Suharto’s death and the end of any justice for those he oppressed in Indonesia, and dictators in general, who regularly escape trial and any form of justice.

8. The New (Eastern) Order: Russia’s out of it.  This is mostly Balkan stuff, but you could also apply it to Eastern Europe; most of the Eastern European states are cooperating with the United States to shut out Russian influence.  Related to articles number 4, and 3 in order of succession.

9. For Better or For Worse: Cuba, Pakistan, Kosovo Three things: Castro resigns, Musharraf resigns, and Kosovo becomes independent.