Topic: Love

On February 2008, I wrote a series of posts dedicated to the subject of Love.  It took lots of contemplation, and while most were rambling anecdotes, some were noteworthy essays.  A brief explanation follows each item:

1. A Celebration of Love.  This is the final post on the Love series.  I wrote this as a revelation about what is at the heart of Love.

2. Finding Our Good SamaritansLove for your fellow man means committing yourself to help them in the direst of hours.

3. Happily Ever AfterYou can find Happily Ever After… you just need to find perspective.

4. Suffer LoveYou have not truly loved if you have not felt the pain of love.

5. The Labors of LoveLove is not an easy thing.  It’s a commitment you have to work on all your life.

6. An Invitation to Love.  The physical attraction is only part of Love’s process.

7. In Love with LoveDo you love because you care?  Or do you love because you love the feeling?

8. Love in Ground Zero *mild spoilers*.  I was primarily inspired by Cloverfield when I wrote this.  However, the points are true: in times of crisis, do you want companionship for the sake of finding someone at the end of the world.

9. The Mexican ProverbThere is a lot of confusion on what I’m talking about here.  It’s about the movie “The Mexican” starring Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.   It’s also about a quote in that movie, which I made into a proverb.   Though I did add a Mexican proverb at the beginning.

10. The Universe Tends to Right itself.  How the world regains balance.   It leverages good and evil, and when you think everything has turned out wrong, suddenly comes something good to right everything.  A eucatastrophe, as J.R.R. Tolkien would say.

11. Don’t Pin your Hopes and Dreams on the Girl you Like.  This is a common sense post, actually, but it’s hard to get away from this mentality, when you’ve searched forever for a soul mate.  So the mantra is useful