Topic: China Ascendant

Since the whole Scarborough incident in 2012, I wrote two posts looking at the South China Sea as a master blueprint by China not only to break the “geopolitical blockade” imposed by America, but to establish an empire and make Southeast Asia a “Chinese lake”.

1. The South China Sea and China’s World Order.   I wrote this in the midst of the Scarborough crisis of 2012.   I wanted to explain why the South China Sea was such a flashpoint between China and the Southeast Asian states, and why it was so precious if seen on China’s perspective.

2. The Empire of Heaven: Why China’s Rise is So Terrifying.   China tested the waters of international dominance and it is working.   Against this environment, I wanted to relay why China remains a bogeyman in international politics.

3. The Shape of the New World Order: ISIS, Russia, China.  I describe the “War of American Succession”.   China, as it did in the Cold War, wants to seize world leadership.