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why do we need to put god as the center of our lives?

It has been some months (almost a year, in fact), since I wrote the Blog Article “God is an Embarrassment in Our Lives”.   The main premise is easy enough to understand: we’ve treated God...

Just Wages and the Kingdom of God 6

Just Wages and the Kingdom of God

There is a parable in the Bible that describes Heaven as “landowner who went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard”.    In the morning he found laborers in need of...


A Silent Call to the EDSA Generation

History books and heroes carried an EDSA that was about setting things right in the Philippines, and maybe some of them had the right idea, but mostly, the context of that demonstration was misunderstood....

A Comprehensive Proposal for an EDSA Reform (edited) 32

A Comprehensive Proposal for an EDSA Reform (edited)

EDSA will no longer be about alternative personalities, or parties. It will no longer be about dependence on the individual. It will be something better, more comprehensive. Now you will have something to fight...


Mr. Lenin’s Democracy (updated 04-14-2016)

They were freedom fighters, and revolution became synonymous with them.   But decades later, they became nightmarish regimes that terrified the imagination and subjugated millions.  Dystopia and totalitarianism became synonymous with them.   What happened?  Why...

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