Who is Will?

Will is the pseudonym of a man. Poet, idealist, revolutionist, romanticist, for forever he has hidden under the masks of pen and imagery.   He has taken careful refuge in words, and is frustrated that he cannot say what a myriad of images fill inside him.

He hides under the brilliance of a false name.   While he struggles to gain some renown, or at least recognition worthy of his alias, still he feels unworthy to take off the mask that is his pen.

He is a lover of all things beautiful, and the magnificence of God’s creation on earth. He reaches to heaven in despair, and cries the limitation of his senses.

Who is Will?  Why has he taken the playwright as his inspiration?  Why has he made the man his progenitor?

All questions, in the end, will come to one defining answer.   But like many, many questions, these particular ones will take the prudence of time.

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