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Before you think about leaving the Catholic Church, think about something

…But before you think about leaving, since they’re all the same anyway, and the whole institution is hopelessly out of touch with the world, please think of this.


A Silent Call to the EDSA Generation

History books and heroes carried an EDSA that was about setting things right in the Philippines, and maybe some of them had the right idea, but mostly, the context of that demonstration was misunderstood....


A Celebration of Love

Have you ever looked in the eyes of a mother, after giving birth to her child? If you stood close to her when she was in labor—the one without anesthetics, the natural labor—you would...

Happily Ever After 1

Happily Ever After

We live in a cynical world. In our search for Love and Happiness, we found only pain and suffering. In our labors to find the goodness of the human heart, we have found only...

An Invitation to Love 3

An Invitation to Love

The image of this Love has captured the imagination of the world.    It has inspired solitary souls to search for their better halves, and it has been romanticized by literature, which refers to it...

In Love with Love 2

In Love with Love

These lonely hearts… one way or another, will come face to face with a picture of Love: soft kisses, whispers of sweet nothings, and the little gestures… and they will look at envy, and...

Love in Ground Zero *mild spoilers* 0

Love in Ground Zero *mild spoilers*

Part Godzilla, part Blair Witch, and part Bug War (for Alien—or better yet, Starcraft fans—you’ll get what I mean), it’s an extraordinary love story set against the backdrop of chaos, and mayhem. I was...

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