Additional Readings

References used in Thoughts /  Personal Readings

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  1. Additional Readings to the EDSA Series, Part 1 – taken from Story of the EDSA Movement
  2. Readings for Filipino Literature (Realist Fiction) – those wanting to write Filipino novels should first start in the realist genre, as it is the default genre in literature here.
  3. When the British Turned on the (Vichy) French 1941 – those wanting to read rare references on the seldom talked of British campaign against French Syria
  4. Fire and Fury: Trump in the White House and Other Readings – for those wanting to read about the inner workings of the US presidencies from Reagan to Trump
  5. Readings for Filipino Literature (Speculative Fiction)
  6. Readings for World War II, V-E Day
  7. Films about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
  8. Readings on the Battle of Jutland

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