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Age of Terror: Legitimacy 1

Age of Terror: Legitimacy

In the post-Cold War world, Usama bin Laden was hardly in anyone’s thoughts. But he had high-flung dreams. And in the years that the world ignored him, he would brood, plot, train and struggle...

Super Tuesday: A Day Later 1

Super Tuesday: A Day Later

But, owing to the luck of time zones, one with a keen and patient eye could watch the election event known as “Super Tuesday” unfolds from east to west.

Love in Ground Zero *mild spoilers* 0

Love in Ground Zero *mild spoilers*

Part Godzilla, part Blair Witch, and part Bug War (for Alien—or better yet, Starcraft fans—you’ll get what I mean), it’s an extraordinary love story set against the backdrop of chaos, and mayhem. I was...

The End of Dynasties (updated) 3

The End of Dynasties (updated)

..this season’s Super Bowl was epic indeed. It would either cap the Patriots’ bid to break the record for the Miami Dolphins (18-0), or bring a trophy home, for the first time in a...