Throwback 2014: After Goddess

–from Youtube channel Walter Leung (because the official one might ask for copyright), the background music in her PDS web page while blossoms were falling (graphic effects)

It was November 2013.   Our office was processing the Profile Sheets of the employees within our area.   I came across one name which was familiar to me.   She was admittedly pretty, independent, and had a strong personality.    And I was reading her Doctorates and Master Degrees in various subjects.   Regular people get attracted to looks or general appeal, but at that moment I was intrigued by her intellect.

Thus was the auspicious beginning to “The Three” of 2014, who with family I referred to as “Globe” (the smart one), “Smart” (the banker), and “Sun Cellular” (the hot one), and in the office I referred to as “Internet”, “BPI”, and “Red Horse”.   At that time of November 2013, I was still largely unaware of the seismic change in my world: I was still preoccupied with thoughts of G (Goddess, for short), and at the time I was trying to reconcile myself with a world that did not center only on her.

Flash forward to March 2014.   The leaving of G had indirectly resulted in a temporary forced exile from all forms of social contact (except for a few persons), all forms of social media, and all personal or electronic things even remotely connected with her.  I was still generally reeling from her loss, and questioning the fundamentals of my existence.

It was in this time that I began to notice people.   Directly reporting to our company chief, I was of course in contact with his people—and that included the beautiful lady with the intellect. I was beginning to notice her general appeal, and how powerful her effect was. It was also the time that I began to notice the other one, who I only encountered on the corridors but makes my heart skip a beat (in Tagalog, walang mintis) whenever I saw her.   There was a powerful effect she had—she was utterly beautiful, an apparition so absolute you would go mad at the sight.

Anyway, these two regularly walked the corridors, so it was normal to see one of them pass by, turn around and watch her longingly, then turn back forward and just stop breathing when you see the other one.

In one fated meeting, Globe was just a few seats away, and right across me.   There was something in the way she carried herself, and the take-charge, strong personality she had, and I noticed that she was beautiful.   Then I turn my head to the right, and there was the sexy head turner looking back.   I wondered how I was able to carry on my presentation with two hot ladies in the immediate vicinity.

In any case, I rushed to my best/close/-ish friend, and told her about these two apparitions.   They were both equally hot, but she advised that I should focus on one—who weighed more heavily with me?   Well, I said, there was the girl, Sun Cellular, who has this impact on me whenever I see her. (Thus began my monicker of her, Red Horse, because of the strong impact she has on me).

So, my best/close/ Bessie (damn it, that’s the name of a cow who started the Chicago fire of 1800s!  Oh, well…) served as my spy to these girls.  My assumption was always the same: these beautiful women naturally were not available.  I did nothing and assumed nothing (or so I say now) while we were gathering intelligence.   Meanwhile, while Sun Cellular was effectively hot, Globe provided the stability and the independent strength that appealed to me, who sought the same stability and direction in my life.   So, I chose to focus on Globe first.

In either case, Globe seemed single.   In a subtle conversation with my Bessie, we found out that Globe was actually desperately looking.  In another encounter, while we ate out in celebration of… something (I don’t remember), everyone was hoping that Globe would find someone.    At that same time, Sun Cellular revealed to my bestie that she had someone in her life, who was a marine something-something(? my information is fuzzy).   So I guess the focus really was on Globe.


            Then came my fated visit to a nearby bank.   That’s when I noticed Smart, completing the trio.   (None of them came close to equalling Goddess—though together they might have—but that’s beside the point)

We frame the story now on Globe.   I had no way of noting if she was available or not, though based on information available she was.   Then came that time when her companion in the office mentioned in passing she was on a date.   Was it an official date?   Was she seeing someone for the first time?  Or was this a relationship that we somehow did not find out about?

While I was still stealing glances of Sun Cellular, and sending hurried texts to Smart, I was grappling with two contradictory information about Globe.   She was taken, or she was available.   I leaned toward the former, and despaired.   As a final act of saying something, or carrying out my message to her, I did what a crazed programmer with access to the Personal Data website could… I hacked it and turned her profile page into a personalized page complete with background music and flowers.   There was much fuss about it later, but I backed out at the last minute and fixed the page before she could see it.   (She never did see it—because she had already left the company to teach.  She only learned about it from people who told her, but that wasn’t the same thing.)   As a final final act, I texted her, and asked if she would entertain a suitor.  Alas, she was seeing somebody.

Smart (which I can refer once as BPI), had immediate contact with people at the office.  I could not, however, grapple with how to directly contact her in the middle of her shift at the bank without, well, embarrassing her in the middle of work.   I sent texts but she wasn’t exactly entertaining texts.   My family took matters into their own hands, found she was Iglesia, and well, that story is for another post.

That was how 2014 concluded.   Three at once, but I quit one on a superficial reason, and the other two had other people in their lives.    It didn’t end there, however… I still doubted if Red Horse/Sun Cellular was actually taken, so I planned on a grand song and dance number where I would slowly walk to her, and sing to her, but it was too hard to coordinate and once again, I backed out when they asked if that was a dedication.   I was still preoccupied with her long after 2014, when she became Veronica to a Betty Cooper.   (That will be the defining story, to end these series of posts).

In a way, loving them was a blessing… it somehow, even for a moment, healed the immense void that was left when I was cut off from G’s life.   For me, 2014 was an extension of 2013, and I didn’t feel like two years had passed, only a phase.

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  1. November 17, 2016

    […] 2014 introduced a new set of characters and “divinities” (see the post Throwback 2014: After Goddess), I was still generally inconsolable and for the most part depressed.   For most of the time I […]

  2. November 17, 2016

    […] 2014 introduced a new set of characters and “divinities” (see the post Throwback 2014: After Goddess), I was still generally inconsolable and for the most part depressed.   For most of the time I […]

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