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Throwback 2014: After Goddess 2

Throwback 2014: After Goddess

–from Youtube channel Walter Leung (because the official one might ask for copyright), the background music in her PDS web page while blossoms were falling (graphic effects) It was November 2013.   Our office was...

Throwback 2014: the Kathryn Scenario

Throwback 2014: the Kathryn Scenario

–from Youtube channel of Boichico Mendoza, a song I dedicated to her in mid-2014, (a song which would have a different context in 2015) drop the ball (v.) (idiomatic)To fail in one’s responsibilities or duties, or to make a mistake, especially at...

Throwback 2014: Chinito Problems 0

Throwback 2014: Chinito Problems

–from Youtube channel Star Records A song and dance number, circa December 2014, based on this video In the middle of the bridge, “At kung ikaw ay nakatawa…”, the dance number would involve pulling...