Throwback 2014: the Kathryn Scenario

–from Youtube channel of Boichico Mendoza, a song I dedicated to her in mid-2014, (a song which would have a different context in 2015)

drop the ball (v.)

  1. (idiomatic)To fail in one’s responsibilities or duties, or to make a mistake, especially at a critical point or when the result is very negative
  2. To give up on a girl because of religion

It was mid-2014.   I was thinking about the two I had fallen for in the office, and how it seemed impossible to be able to do anything about it.   I was wondering if there was any other place I could search for a lifelong companion, because the office was beginning to look like the last place I should look.

I was thinking about this while making a bill payment in the bank.   Normally I don’t notice anyone in the bank, as I automate myself to sign payment, make payment.   It was a different day, and it was a different mindset.

I looked in front of me and there she was.  A teller of such beauty that I wondered if she was a diwata.   As I continued looking I noticed how pretty she was, and how everyone in the office seemed out of her league.   I mean, why couldn’t anybody back at the office look like this one?

I was giddy when I came back.   But pieces fell into place, and with the help of friends and family, I was able to know her name.   In fact, I was able to text her, and find out she was single.   All I needed to do was approach her, but my parents (shudder) beat me to it.

That’s when we found out something critical about her: she was Iglesia.   It was in the middle of the Iglesia centenary, and she was part of the choir.    We were still talking about it days later, but then came the discovery: Iglesia members don’t have relationships outside their religion, or they get excommunicated.

I thought that in this day and age, that rule or by-law seemed archaic.   There have been many mixed marriages before, and it never seemed like an issue.   How could it be an issue now?   In fact, the exact word I heard was Iglesia members don’t get married outside of their religion.   That was still a far-off thing to think about.   Then again, that was the end game.

So I researched it.   I read over the Internet the debate: can an Iglesia have a relationship with a non-member? This seemed superficial, since a relationship required respect on each one’s belief.    And I wasn’t biased against non-Catholics (the great love that got away in 2013 was a Mormon).    So why was it such an issue?

It just so happened that the issue was a real one, and it was a hard-fast rule for Iglesias not to have relationships with non-members.    I read the stories of Iglesias who were expelled, ostracized and their families excommunicated when they married or had relationships with non-members.   It wasn’t a unanimous thing, was it?   It didn’t happen to everyone, right?

Then I thought about Kathryn Bernardo.   ABS-CBN’s Teen Queen, who for the longest time was linked to her onscreen partner, Daniel Padilla.   Mounting video and imagery evidence point to them having a relationship, but when asked in a recent interview if they were an item?  She said no.   I believe that those two already have a budding relationship and are virtually a couple, but due to her being an Iglesia and he being an outsider, they still cannot admit to their relationship.

If celebrities can’t get away with it, how much more mere mortals like me?

So I gave up on the girl, and just stopped communicating (not that there was much there).   And a year later, we chanced on each other on the second floor of the mall.    We stared at each other, but that was it.   And I think I made a huge mistake, letting religion get in the way of a relationship.

I don’t think there’s any going back.   It’s been a year, and it’s probably already established to her that I’m a douche.   That I was a jerk who just cut everything off, and offended her completely.   But the critical lesson I’ve learned is that if you want any relationship to work, you do not let thorny issues like religion get in the way of happiness.

I could’ve done something then.  If there was a way to have a clean slate and start over with her, maybe I would.   We could always work out something.

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