Love was just two doors away… Beyond Basics

It’s always when you have time to think that you reevaluate the things that matter to you.   I’ve been thinking about this girl I like, how I wrote before that she represents my hopes and dreams, how she was like the girl who was “there all along” and slipped right past me while I searched the world for “the One”.    And it’s a cheesy reason to get attracted.   Because it can so easily be said that you liked the girl because she was “a pretty face”.   It would easily look that way, if one observed the trend of people I fell for these past few years.

A little reevaluation—and inspiration—drew me to finally write what I liked about this girl.   She was pretty and charming.   But something in her sparked a desire, and a need, to be with this girl.

I don’t want to objectify women and I mean no offense to anyone, but my preference to women is the same as to that of food: Hot and Spicy.


This is not a piece of offensive literature, but if you could just hear me out, dear reader, you would understand.   Who doesn’t want a woman who has fire in her eyes?   If you listen to her voice, she has that tone of command that would evoke a sense of intimidation but at the same thing spark to any man.   A headstrong, independent, fiery woman who knows how to handle herself and can well take charge of a relationship, while the man tries to maintain a façade of control.

That’s what I saw, heard, felt in her.   That spark, that fire deep within her.   And no, I’m not looking for a figure to nurse me or cradle me when times are rough, (though who doesn’t look for a woman with that quality?) I’m looking for a a-little-more-than-equal woman who can share decisions in the relationship, and takes charge of the household.   Of course, I will share in the decisions, and the authority, but I find it so sexy when a woman takes charge of her life and her family.

It’s what I’ve looked for a long time now.   An independent, fiery woman with just a bit of snark and that energy in her life.   It’s what I find so attractive, when I sense the power a woman possesses.   The power struggles of who would be on top, in all the sense of the word, would be… glorious.

I don’t know if she thinks I see her as the perfect girl.   But I see a woman of fire, and I love everything about her.

I thank God and everything that is holy that no one is reading this right now.

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