Readings for Filipino Literature (Speculative Fiction)

In a previous post I gave a list of possible readings you could start with when diving into Filipino Literature.  The catalog of books was realist in character, as most of the Filipino literature is realist in

character.   There has been, however, a growth of books in Speculative Fiction, its ascent popularly attributed to the efforts of Dean Francis Alfar.   For Filipino Literature, fantasy, sci-fi, horror and other

non-realist genres are bundled up in the umbrella genre of Spec Fic.   And, unlike the Filipino realist genre, there have been only a few efforts to generate a spec-fic novel–not that it isn’t popular, but

the format usually used for Spec-Fic are anthologies of short stories.


Here then is a list of readings to start diving into Filipino Spec Fic:


 1. The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction, 2005-2010 – Speculative Fiction owes much to the efforts of Dean Francis Alfar, who wanted to elevate the genre from the fringes

of Philippine Literature.  In this book he compiles a collection of the best Spec fic short stories for over half a decade, from the best Filipino writers

–You can find a copy of the book on Amazon in this link: Here






 2. The Kite of Stars and Other Stories – who can mention Dean Francis Alfar and not mention this iconic collection of short stories from the author?  The Kite of Stars is a must-read

for those wanting some background on spec fic


–You can find a copy of the book on Amazon in this link: Here



 3. Diaspora ad Astra – Part of the Stranger Fiction Series, those wanting to explore Filipino science fiction might not want to miss this collection of short stories (hurry as this is the last supply!)


–You can find a copy of the book on Amazon in this link: Here



 4. A Bottle of Storm Clouds – a personal recommendation, Eliza Victoria is one of the more popular writers in Speculative fiction, and in this collection she narrates fantasy, horror and sci-fi, all while keeping you glued to the page


–You can find a copy of the book on Amazon in this link: Here



That’s a short list of Speculative Fiction I’ve read so far.   But from the genre is growing a community of writers waiting to pen their own creation and giving their much needed contributions.   In a later post I will list Spec Fic Novels



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