Prayer In Times of Calamity

I found this while looking for a prayer for the disaster victims of the Dumaguete earthquake.   It is three years old, but it is an appropriate prayer guide for our brothers and sisters in need:

1. Dear Lord, if these hurting people have not called on You before, may they begin calling on your name right now; may they find You to be their refuge and strength, an ever-present help in their time of trouble. (Gen. 4:26; Ps. 46:1)

2. Lord of heaven and earth, encourage these friends to seek You, reach out to You, and find You because You are not far from them. Give them hope that You are with them so that the waters they are passing through will not sweep them away, and the fire they are walking through will not burn them. (Acts 17:27; Is. 43:2)

3. Living Word, make Your Word come alive to those who suffer. When their souls are weary with sorrow, strengthen them according to Your Word. Give them longing for Your precepts, and preserve their lives by them. Comfort them with Your promises. Use this affliction to bring them near to Your ways. Sustain them according to Your promise, and do not let their hopes be dashed. Give them a love for Your law, Lord, so they will have great peace and nothing will cause them to stumble. (Ps. 119: 28,40,50,67,116,165)

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