Chuck Renewed!!!

A few days ago, NBC confirmed that the TV series Chuck had been renewed for one more season.    It’s also been a bittersweet celebration, as a short while later the writers confirmed that it was also going to be the last season.

Chuck is a TV series that appeals to every fantasy that every geek has out there.  The protagonist is a geek who gets cool Intersect computer powers, while going on long espionage adventures across the world and still being his fanboy self—each episode of the series has some pop-culture references, from Back to the Future to Star Wars to Die Hard.   He also gets the girl.

Chuck is also a TV series that is constantly in danger of cancellation—so every final episode of a season ends spectacularly, resolving all loose ends while keeping options open.  And die-hard fans (like yours truly) purchase from Subway—a principal sponsor—to try and save the show each season.

So while we wait for the final episode of the season, we also impatiently wait for details on that final hurrah that is Season 5.

Another great series, Supernatural, has been renewed for two seasons.   Check out a review of Season Six here.

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