Moving Forward to 2018

Hello and Happy New Year!


The blog has been in hiatus for a while (except for updates in existing posts) as it had lost its primary direction.


When it was first made, the blog was designed to be a protest blog, a series of posts calling for Revolution of the “proper form”.   But it did not adjust to the times, and the changes

in the world.   So it lost its purpose.


What will happen to Writer’s Block?   Simply, it’s coming home to roots.   It is, after all a “Writer’s Block”; a writer’s journey.    So there will be more posts about this journey, the

works he has written, and his life, basically (which is enough material itself for a story).   There will still be posts here and there on politics, religion and others, but it will be

organized in the “Thoughts” section on the menu.    As for “Additional Readings”, it will be a reference both for the material I used in “Thoughts” posts and “Journeys” posts.


Let’s go forward and never look back (well, maybe once or twice for my “Journeys” material)



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