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The Life Cycle of A Revolution

From Walking the Earth:

Unfortunately, the “democratic” state caused by a Revolution cannot long endure. Democracies make for very poor governments in the wake of a successful uprising.   As we already noted, factions will squabble with each other, and by necessity, a stronger, more centralized government—sometimes a new monarchy—will evolve.  That is why though the modern times eschew the existence of a divinely anointed monarch it reinvented the office of dictator.

We cannot say simply that democracies are governments in transition.   Monarchies are also not permanent states, as we have already discussed.   If we examine the life cycle of a nation, we shall see that governments alternate between democracy and monarchy. For example, in Rome, the line of Etruscan kings was overthrown in favor of the freer Republican government.   The Republic, devolving into a conflict of various political factions, was overthrown by the military leader Julius Caesar.    His rule was ended by assassination and followed by civil war.   In the wake of civil war the Roman Empire emerged, its imperial government constantly erupted by “democratic rising” and civil war.


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