Sunset Wishes

Picture a sunset.

The sky is red gold with the setting sun.   There is a faint breeze as the cold of the night seeps in.   I’m in a hill, and close to me is a tree with faintly chirping birds.   I also feel the sharp grass.

We’re talking watching that sunset.  Your long, curly, brownish hair slowly fluttering through the soft breeze.   The softness of your skin as I feel it tremble from my arm enveloping you.   We looking quietly at the red sky, not talking, just pondering at the beauty.

We actually wait well into the night, as stars light the sky.   We talk of dreams, hopes, of nothings.   You see a star shoot across the sky—point to it, and close your eyes as you make a wish.   I only look at you and smile.

“Did you make a wish?” you say.   I nod.  “What was it.”

“Doesn’t matter,” I say.

If I had another chance (out of all the chances I missed) to say to you, what I really felt… if only I could relay to you somehow just one thing…

I wish that.  I wish I was with you in that sunset.

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