Sarah Geronimo Live at Trinoma, August 2, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI first saw the news of the Sarah Geronimo concert at a billboard near Trinoma.   I felt that I didn’t have the equipment needed to make a good quality Sarah recording, so I upgraded to a new video cam.   That was two weeks before the Sarah concert.

On the early morning before the concert (the mall had barely opened), I was there to see the early birds buy CDs to get a chance to get a ticket stub for seats and autograph signing.   I fell in line and asked if there was a way to get to the front-rows.  Sadly, they said only individuals who owned BPI Amore Credit Card could get VPI seating.  Anyway, I bought a CD and got tickets to see Sarah and to meet Sarah.

At 5pm I rushed to find that the seats were already almost filled.   I looked around and the Activity Center was already jam-packed with Sarah fans.    And the second and third floors were also eagerly awaiting the coming of the Popstar Princess.

She came to a roar of the crowd.   She sang songs from her new album, Expressions.   She sang Mama first, then Tayo, all while gyrating to the beat of the music.   Then she sang senti with her song Sweetest Mistake, Eyes on Fire (dedicated daw to maling pag-ibig), and finally the carrier single Ikot Ikot Lang.

I was able to get an autograph later, though it wasn’t the personal one where you can take a picture beside her.  A beam separated us from her, and we could take a picture of her the way a tourist can take a picture of a museum art piece.  It just wasn’t personal.

Anyway, here are some of the videos she sang for Trinoma:


Sweetest Mistake

Ikot Ikot Lang

Happy watching!

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