A place far away,

Mountains that stretch

To Heaven itself

Fields of endless green

The soft, crisp air,

filling your nostrils

Freezing your skin

A hue of yellow, green and white

A brief glimpse,

You cannot stay

The mountains

reach to the skies,

Where air is scant

And breath leaves you,

And the soul is taken

Watching now

from that fast-moving car

on a shaky railway train,

The mountains from far away

seem to pull you

Their majesty

Like judging gods,

before mortals in Elysium

(as those fields seemed to be)

We move, I move

but the land is endless

and suspended in time,

Untapped, untempered,

unhindered, untouched

I am locked in a prison

of this railway car

While my eyes are only solace

To touch the green and yellow

and the white

Of that place far away

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