I’m a sucker for love stories. I admit it. Though I scan the movie stores for epics, war films, or bitter social critiques, I can’t help but look for the sappy films as Love Actually, The Wedding Singer, and Serendipity. It only takes a love ballad from a nearby radio, or an iPOD somebody in the train happened to carry, to make me fuzzy all over.

Two weeks away to Valentine’s Day, and I thought that it was time to count down the days, and start early on the celebration. From the serious discussion on love itself (Serendipity, or Chemistry?) to relationships (Happily Ever After…) I will focus most of my articles on the occasion, and prepare a large, essay on Heart’s Day itself.

For those who’ll be looking for the socio-political stuff, don’t worry, it’s still there. I’ll soon be posting my second article in the Age of Terror series, as well as the continuing analysis of the Philippine social structure. Just don’t be fazed by the pretty colors and the blossoms.

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